Peter Gabriel: Live in Athens 1987 + Play (2 DVD)

Típus DVD
Régiókód 2
Képarány 16:9
Játékidő 329 perc
Kiadó Eagle Rock Entertainment

Peter Gabriel: Live in Athens 1987 + Play (2 DVD)

Megjelenés: 2013.09.13.
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Műfaj: koncert, zenés
Rendező: Peter Gabriel,
Szereplők: Peter Gabriel,


In October 1987 after many months on the road, it was in the elevated surroundings of the hillside open-air theatre at Lycabettus overlooking Athens, that the So tour came to a climactic close. The three nights were filmed in what was the first-ever Peter Gabriel concert to be committed to film.

As a concert film, it was brilliantly shot and has now been equally brilliantly remastered, a crystal-clear record of Gabriel and band in their mid-80s pomp. The viewer is placed right in the heart of the action all the way, from the band's synchronized choreography on opening number This Is The Picture, right through to the skin-pricking closer Biko. In between, we're lost in music, spellbound by the spectacle, totally absorbed by the imperfection-free tightness of a band that's been on the road for so long.

Bonus Features:
DVD 1 Youssou N Dour's opening set with his band Le Super Etoile de Dakar introduced by Peter Gabriel: (1) Immigres (2) Kocc Barma (3) Nelson Mandela (4) Ndobine (5) Sama Dome / My Daughter

Paul Gambaccini & Peter Gabriel interview from 1986.

Sledgehammer original promo video restored and remastered.

DVD 2 The Play DVD featuring 23 of Peter Gabriel's ground breaking promotional videos with bonus video introductions, a live performance of Games Without Frontiers from 2004, original promo videos from Modern Love (1977) and The Nest That Sailed The Sky (2000), trailers for A Family Portrait, Growing Up Live and Secret World Live.

Track Listing:

1) This Is The Picture
2) San Jacinto
3) Shock The Monkey
4) Family Snapshot
5) Intruder
6) Games Without Frontiers
7) No Self Control
8) Mercy Street
9) Family And The Fishing Net
10) Don't Give Up
11) Solsbury Hill
12) Lay Your Hands On Me
13) Sledgehammer
14) Here Comes The Flood
15) In Your Eyes
16) Biko
17) Quiet & Alone

1) Father, Son
2) Sledgehammer
3) Blood Of Eden
4) Games Without Frontiers
5) I Don't Remember
6) Big Time
7) Lovetown
8) Red Rain
9) In Your Eyes
10) Don't Give Up
11) The Barry Williams Show
12) Washing Of The Water
13) Biko
14) Kiss That Frog
15) Mercy Street
16) Growing Up
17) Shaking The Tree
18) Shock The Monkey
19) Steam
20) The Drop
21) Zaar
22) Solsbury Hill
23) Digging In The Dirt

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